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Info for making Flight Arrangements

When traveling to the British Virgin Islands from the U.S. you have two options in routes. You can fly first to San Juan, Puerto Rico and then take a second plane to Tortola (Beef Island code EIS) or you can fly directly to St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands / code STT) and then take a ferry to Tortola, B.V.I. (check

Previously the San Juan route was preferred but since American Eagle no longer services the route from San Juan to Tortola, current flights on the smaller planes between San Juan and Tortola have become extremely expensive. Due to this fact, flying to St. Thomas and then taking a ferry (50 minute ride) to Tortola is now the preferred route to take. The short cab ride from St. Thomas’s Cyril E. King Airport (code STT) takes just 10 minutes with a rate of about $10.00 U.S.

The airport code for Tortola is EIS. If you see the name "Beef Island" (where the airport actually is) you are looking at the correct destination. Beef Island is relatively flatter so that’s where they built the airport. There is a small bridge between Beef Island and Tortola.

If you fly into Beef Island the half hour cab ride from the airport to The Moorings Base in Roadtown is approximately $30. If you arrive in Roadtown by ferry the short cab ride from the ferry dock to The Moorings Base is only $10.00.

When scheduling flights the preferred timing is to arrive in Tortola as early as possible on arrival day and leave paradise as late as possible on departure day.

Please be advised that the sailboats do not leave the dock on arrival day (Saturday) so even if you are scheduled to arrive in Tortola as late as 10 p.m. (if that’s the best flight you can find) you will not miss the boat. The boats leave the dock on Sunday morning. If you schedule a flight to St. Thomas just be sure you arrive early enough to be able to catch the last ferry to Tortola.

On the final day (departure day) try and get a late flight out but if that’s not possible we can make arrangements for you to catch any flight out on Saturday leaving from Tortola.

If you are flying home out of St Thomas you must NOT schedule a morning departure, as you must give yourself time to get from Tortola to St Thomas by ferry to make your flight.

If you would like to arrive a day or two early or depart a day or two late please let me know and we can help to arrange hotel rooms for your extended stay in paradise.

To reserve your spot please call (908) 489 -0589 or Click Here to E-mail us