Bareboat Charter Prep – A.S.A. 104

(A Bareboat Charter is a charter without a hired captain or crew). The goal of many sailors is to have the skills necessary to charter a large sailing vessel with family and friends without having to also hire a professional captain as well. That is the goal of the Bareboat Charter Course.

Course Description

The goal of this course is to prepare the student to Bareboat Charter a 40' to 50' yacht with inboard auxiliary power in moderate to strong wind conditions. This course opens the door to the world of tropical destinations by providing the skills needed to sail larger vessels on extended passages. Bareboat Charter Prep is taught aboard a beautiful 40 foot Hanse Yacht with a maximum of 6 students per class. A.S.A. Bareboat Charter Certification is awarded upon successful completion of the written and practical exams which are included.

Course Format

Bareboat Charter Prep consists of one three hour classroom session from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on a Monday evening covering navigation and course plotting plus two full days of sailing (Saturday and Sunday) from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day.

Course Includes

  • Bareboat Cruising Textbook
  • All Course Materials
  • Parallel Rules, Dividers, Chart
  • A.S.A. Bareboat Charter Certification Exam

Topics Include

  • Advanced Sail Trim
  • Diesel Engine Operation
  • Motoring
  • Docking
  • Anchoring
  • Fueling
  • Cruise Planning
  • Provisioning
  • Galley Procedures
  • Advanced Coastal Navigation
  • Onboard Electrical System
  • Onboard Water System

Course Dates

SECTION A   MAY 2, 14 & 15

SECTION B   MAY 2, 21 & 22

SECTION C   MAY 16, JUNE 4 & 5

SECTION D   MAY 16, JUNE 25 & 26

SECTION E   JUNE 27, JULY 9 & 10

SECTION F   JUNE 27, JULY 23 & 24

SECTION G   JULY 25, AUG. 20 & 21

SECTION H   JULY 25, AUG. 27 & 28



SECTION K   OCT. 3, 15 & 16

Price: $695 or $995 with Coastal Cruising Combo (Two Certifications)

$100 For Basic Keelboat Certification if needed

Prerequisite: A.S.A. Coastal Cruising certification or equivalent experience

The Bareboat Charter Course Is also Offered In The British Virgin Islands on our B.V.I. Flotilla when a minimum of 6 students register

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