The rabbit comes out of the hole, goes around the tree, and goes back down the hole. If you learn that, you'll get the bowline knot down without a problem.


Living in Jersey City, all you see is sailboats out in New York Harbor by Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. I've always wanted to take a sailboat class and jumped on Living Social's offer at the True North Sailing School. Rick (classroom instructor), Dan (boat instructor), and the other instructors were great and really knowledgeable.
You can take the Path train to Newport / Pavonia.

Hector M.,


I took the basic sailing course at True North Sailing School last year and got a lot out of the class and passed the Basic Certification test. I then decided to take the Advanced Sailing and Bareboat Chartering classes this weekend. Our instructor (Steve) was friendly, patient, and beyond competent. I was completely impressed with his skill as both a captain and teacher. We reviewed the materials covered in the class and in the textbooks while on the water to solidify the knowledge and connect it with real-world situations. Most importantly, we had FUN. You always learn more when you're enjoying the process.


Lastly, a word on Rick, the owner of the school. I had an unexpected death in the family, and had to reschedule my classroom session at the very last minute. Rick was awesome about it--he responded to my email right away with my options, was willing to work with me to reschedule, let me pick up the textbooks early in order to study while I was traveling for the funeral, and gave me the option to delay the certification test until later if I didn't feel comfortable taking it, given the circumstances.


If you're serious about learning how to sail, True North is the way to go.

Anna T.,


I like the cut of this sailing school's jib.


I did the basic sailing course with True North Sailing School and it was absolutely fantastic. Rick Van Loon, who heads up the school, is as good a teacher as he is a sailor.


The hours of class time flew by, and the time out on the water was amazing. There's something pretty unbeatable about tacking and jibing in front of the Statue of Liberty. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in learning to sail.

Chris T.,



I just got back from taking my basic course and certification exam at The True North Sailing School. I absolutely loved this course and this school. I live in Manhattan so probably would have gone somewhere in the city, if I hadn't bought a Living Social deal, but I'm so glad I went here.


Rick is the owner and also teaches some of the classroom portion. You can tell he eats and breathes sailing. He just knows everything and has been doing it forever, but he really likes to make the class fun and is good at explaining to novices. Al was my boat instructor. He was very calm and patient and willing to answer any questions. We had a great time with him.


You can tell all of the instructors know their stuff and are very experienced. So much fun.

Elizabeth H.,