Welcome to the True North Sailing Club where being a member is the most convenient and economical way to enjoy the exciting sport of sailing. True North Sailing Club Members enjoy access to a fleet of professionally maintained J/29 Performance sloops throughout the sailing season all for one low annual membership fee.

The True North Sailing Club organizes great educational and social activities for its members all year long. Overnight cruises, Caribbean sailing vacations, winter ski trips, dinner parties, wine tasting etc. If you love to sail, have fun and meet new friends then you should head to True North.

Better Than Owning Your Own Boat — JUST THINK

  • No boat to buy / No loan payments
  • No boat maintenance headaches
  • No dockage fees / No winter boat storage fees
  • No fuel expenses
  • No trouble finding experienced people to sail with

True North Sailing Club Members who have previously owned their own boats tell us that they sail much more now as a sailing club member than they ever did as a private boat owner while saving thousands of dollars per year. Compared to owning a boat, True North Sailing Club Membership is extremely affordable. Sailing Club annual dues is approximately 1/3rd the cost of what you would pay just to dock your own boat for a season.

Enjoy Unlimited Sailing

Sail whenever you like as often as you like. Just make a reservation via email and a fully equipped boat will be waiting for you at the dock.

Full Six Month Sailing Season

The sailing season runs from May through October. During the Season we offer many social and educational events.

During the Off Season we offer Worldwide Sailing Vacations inexotic locations like The Caribbean, Croatia, Thailand, and Greece. We offer winter ski trips, educational seminars and many other social events. As a member you will build new friendships and have unlimited fun.

Great Sailing Area

Upper and Lower New York Bay is known for consistent sea breezes all season long Sailing boundary - South of the Verrazano Bridge to Romer Shoal Lighthouse near Sandy Hook to Spuyten Duyvil north of the George Washington Bridge in the north. Scenery unlike anywhere else in the world including the New York Skyline, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Verrazano, George Washington and East River Bridges.

Membership Requirements

The True North Sailing Club is open to all sailors who hold American Sailing Association Basic Keelboat Certification at a minimum. Proficient sailors who are not currently certified can qualify for club membership by passing the required certification exams..

Those who are new to the sport of sailing start by registering for the Basic Sailing Course at the True North Sailing School. After completing the Basic Course and receiving certification you can then become a True North Sailing Club Member. If you join the club within two weeks of Basic Course Graduation you receive a $100 discount on your initiation fee. All members must be at least 18 years of age.

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Levels of Membership

Skipper Members are experienced sailors who have completed The Basic 101 and Advanced Sailing 103 and 104 Courses and hold American Sailing Association Bareboat Cruising Certification at a minimum. All club boats are required to have a skipper member onboard when sailing. Skippers are responsible for maneuvering boats in and out of the marina docks but once out sailing all members rotate positions so everyone gets helm time on every cruise.

Crew Members are beginner & intermediate sailors who have completed The Basic Sailing Course and hold Basic Sailing Certification at a minimum. Whenever club boats sail all members on board (both skippers and crew) share the driving time. This policy gives crew members the opportunity to perfect their driving skills so they can eventually become skippers themselves.

Unlike other sailing clubs, at True North there is no price difference between skipper and crew memberships. Your level of membership is a matter of sailing experience and qualifications.

Membership Dues

Annual Membership dues which gives you unlimited access to the clubs fleet of  J/29 sloops is $1,875 per year for both Skipper and Crew Members.

New Members pay an additional one time $500 Initiation Fee.

Dues are prorated for members who join after the start of the sailing season (in their second season) so you will not pay for any unused sailing time.


Married Couples Discount – Spouse pays just $500.

Graduate Discount – True North Sailing School Basic Sailing Course graduates receive a $100 discount on their Initiation Fee provided they join the club within two weeks of completing the course.