Safe Storage For Boats: Off Season Ideas

You can't truly put your finger on what happened, but you've somehow fallen madly in love with boating. You have changed your entire lifestyle and made it revolve around your newly found passion. You now connect with your family a lot better and more often, you feel more adventurous and you have more fun – not to mention the considerably smaller amount of stress you are experiencing. locksmith for boats

And these are, of course, just a few of the actual benefits that people who love to go boating benefit from regularly. If you are also looking at a new way to recharge your batteries and re-connect with nature, boating is definitely one way to do it. Fast-forwarding a little, let us assume that you already have a boat – or you plan on buying one real soon. One of your most burning questions might be where to safely store your precious boat off season, and whenever you are not using it. You've paid good money on it, and you cannot imagine someone stealing it from you, or at least vandalizing or burglarizing it. So lets find out what can you do to beef up security on your boat, and store it in the safest way possible over the winter.

Secure Your Boat Over The Winter

If you live in the Midwest where the lakes freeze over the winter, you will need to take some precautions until next spring. Winterizing your boat is one of them. And it needs to be done prior to storing the boat over the cold season.

Finding the ideal storage location during the off season is often times easier said than done. You could opt for your driveway, dock it, or use your garage as storage.

  • Use your garage as the winter storage location for your boat for several reasons. For starters, you will be keeping outdoor hazards away. The same goes for potential thieves passing by, interested in placing your boat on a trailer and taking off with it. Or stealing parts from it, and whatever else you might have stores or installed on it they can sell.

  • Secondly, you won't have to pay for storage, provided your garage is your own property. However, you may be dealing with some issues, like the considerably reduced storage space inside your garage. You may even be forced to move your car out of the garage and into th driveway.

  • You will also need to beef up security on your garage door with sturdier locks and preferably a sensor alarm and surveillance cameras. A good residential locksmith should be able to put these requests into practice without too much headache.

  • A locksmith for boats on the other hand should help you fix any broken or vulnerable locks on your boat, remove any stuck keys and fix broken yacht or boat ignition systems, and install fresh locks.

  • Using the driveway will make your boat even more vulnerable into the hands of potential thieves. You will therefore need to tale some additional security measures.

  • Also, the neighborhood covenant might prevent you from storing the boat in the driveway. If this is not the case, you will need to use a boat cover and keep the boat protected against pests and natural elements.


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