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Where boats are evenly matched in the matter of speed and draught, it is the quality of the piloting that wins the race. – Mark Twain

US Beginner Sailing Tips To Enjoy A Full Vacation Day

Ocean, blue waves, sun, peace and a boat with large white veils – there’s nothing better to start a new vacation in the summertime! So many people start to attend sailing courses in order to learn how to go out on the water on their own. This is, actually, a great occasion to enjoy the…
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Everything You Should Know About Cruise Ship Gambling

So you are thinking about going on a cruise sometime soon. You are already browsing the web, looking for the best deals possible. Maybe you are interested in an all-inclusive cruise, and be treated like a king and not have to worry about a single thing. Or maybe you are more interested in the entertainment…
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Safe Storage For Boats: Off Season Ideas

You can't truly put your finger on what happened, but you've somehow fallen madly in love with boating. You have changed your entire lifestyle and made it revolve around your newly found passion. You now connect with your family a lot better and more often, you feel more adventurous and you have more fun –…
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Tips for Staying Safe On Your Sailboat

When was the last time you went sailing? Did you have a good time? Do you remember having encountered by issues? Did you ever have anything stolen from you on a boat? While you might find the idea itself rather peculiar, the truth is sailing boats are just as prone to theft and burglary like…
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