US Beginner Sailing Tips To Enjoy A Full Vacation Day

Ocean, blue waves, sun, peace and a boat with large white veils – there’s nothing better to start a new vacation in the summertime!

So many people start to attend sailing courses in order to learn how to go out on the water on their own. This is, actually, a great occasion to enjoy the day, completely immersed in a blue sightseeing made of water and sky. Every year the official American Sailing Association (ASA) offers a bunch of precious tips to help beginners avoid most common mistakes and enjoy their sailing experience. Of course, it’s essential to attend a specific sailing course before to jump onto such a marine adventure.

What You Need To Know Before To Go On The Water

There are many things you have surely learned from the sailing course. However, the ASA is here to add some more help:

  • Weather conditions are very important: choose a day with calm sea and light wind
  • Dress appropriately considering that it’s often windier and cooler out on the water than on the shore
  • For beginners, a smaller boat is a smarter solution because the smaller the boat the more responsive to the sailing dynamics
  • You should know how your boat “behaves” to certain maneuvers, to avoid shocks and to keep control on the movements of the boom
  • If you are a beginner, ask someone who is experienced to go with you to give you technical sailing tips on the spot

What You Can Do After Your Sailing Day

If your boat is enough large you can take some foods with you and spend some time to eat a meal, just in the middle of the ocean, front-shore and completely relaxing.

In the afternoon, you can still enjoy sailing or you may want to get back to the anchorage place from where you left. One of the best points in the summer season is that the daylight is longer than in the winter, so you have more hours to spend on entertainment or free-time activities.

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